Meta Monkey Enters SHFT Build Gametech Program: Empowering the Future of Gaming

Meta Monkey shares an exciting update. Famous for its top-notch cross-web game development, Meta Monkey has officially become a part of the SHFT Build Gametech Program. Shorooq Partners, the foremost tech investor in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan (MENAP) region, is fueling this startup.

The SHFT Build Gametech Program is dedicated to encouraging growth and promoting innovation within the game tech sector. Started in 2022, this initiative provides startups with invaluable resources, including talent upskilling, mentorship, and access to an expansive network of global industry pioneers and subject matter experts. Notable partners in this effort include industry giants like Unity, Amazon Web Services (AWS), WEMADE, Razer Inc., Tamatem Games, HAYVN, InvestGame, The Games Fund, Deel, Batal Gaming, and a host of other esteemed collaborators.

As an innovative game development company, Meta Monkey is deeply dedicated to delivering immersive storytelling and pushing the boundaries of gameplay experiences. Meta Monkey views this partnership as a key milestone in its journey. Through harnessing the expertise and resources of SHFT Build Gametech in the Medal of Honor 2023 Cohort, Meta Monkey is maintaining its status as a pioneer in combining traditional and blockchain-powered gaming.

"We believe that the SHFT Build Gametech Program provides an exceptional platform to propel our mission of creating fun, innovative, and engaging experiences for gamers," said Georg Washington, Founder of Meta Monkey. "This partnership will undoubtedly support us in bridging the gap between web2 and web3 players, empowering users to play, build, and connect on their own terms while embracing blockchain technology."

Meta Monkey's flagship title, "Elder's Grace," is a testament to their commitment to creating games catering to web2 and web3 audiences. With the perfect incorporation of optional blockchain elements, the game delivers a profoundly engaging best RPG worlds experience complete with castle defense, building, and raiding adventures. Players can generate their own stronghold levels, compete for hidden rewards, treasure defense, and immerse themselves in a thrilling "Play for Keeps" gaming environment.

Meta Monkey's uncompromising dedication to sustainable monetization and the integration of user-generated content promises a dynamic and enduring gaming community. With the invaluable support of SHFT Build Gametech, Meta Monkey is poised to accelerate its trajectory toward greater heights in the gaming industry.

About Meta Monkey: Meta Monkey is recognized for its seamless blend of captivating storytelling and state-of-the-art gameplay. Meta Monkey stands as a leading game developer. Play treasure hunt games online with Meta Monkey, a company revolutionizing the convergence of web2 and web3, empowering users to play, build, and connect on their terms. Through its profound awareness of player motivations and strategic utilization of blockchain technology, Meta Monkey sets the stage for enjoyable and rewarding gaming experiences.

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About SHFT Build Gametech Program: Inaugurated in 2022 by Shorooq Partners, the SHFT Build Gametech Program stands as a transformative endeavor dedicated to facilitating startups within the Gametech industry, recognized as a key force driving future economies. The program offers invaluable resources, including talent upskilling, mentorship, and access to a global network comprising esteemed industry leaders and experts. Through strategic partnerships with industry titans such as Amazon Web Services and Tamatem Games, SHFT Build Gametech assumes a crucial role in cultivating innovation and propelling growth within the gaming sector. For further details about the SHFT Build Gametech Program, please visit