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What is Elder's Grace Unchained all about?

It's big adventure time in this RPG game that blends role play with strategy, and combines fast-paced, action-packed battles with intricate building and design elements. In this immersive Free-to-Play game, you can switch roles – master builder and daring raider – as you create your own maze-like Shire filled with challenging blockades and defenses, then gear up for intense battles as you raid other players' strongholds. Treasure found on successful raids, or securely protected is yours to keep!

What makes this live action roleplay title unique among other RPG and strategy games?

It combines the elements of multiplayer RPG games with User Generated Content (UGC), creating a unique and immersive gaming experience. Players can design their stronghold levels, switch between roles, battle against each other, and earn rich in-game rewards.

Is this ARPG a blockchain game?

Elder's Grace Unchained is a live action roleplay game that features both free and paid options for traditional players.
There is a cross-web version of the game, Elder's Grace, Rise of the Mobley, that contains optional blockchain features. For more information visit: www.eldersgrace.io

When and where can I play Elder's Grace - Unchained?

This Action RPG game will be launching details about a limited Early Access Alpha soon. The game is available now to Wish List here:

How can I stay up to date with the latest Elder’s Grace news and announcements?

Follow Elder’s Grace on social media channels and join our Discord today!