📖 Harnessing Thunder: The Electrifying Rise of Theia, the Storm-Bringer

Elder's Grace, Elder Mobley - Theia

Theia was frequently called a force of nature, for attempting to beat her in an argument was akin to challenging a storm. Among the Mobley, her temper had become the stuff of legend, her voice resonating like thunderous claps.

Born in a tiny and quiet Mosley village, Theia grew accustomed to speaking up to assert herself. Her soul yearned for a life exceeding her birthplace's narrow boundaries.

This led her to larger Mobley cities where she could often speak out on behalf of the people from her village whose needs were often forgotten. Her fierce advocacy for the underdog earned her a place among the Elders.

After the ritual, upon feeling the power of lightning course through her veins, she finally felt like she had a good way to channel her anger. Her anger poured forth from her, lightning falling from the sky, as abundant as drops of rain.

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