Elder’s Grace,  The Accursed Horde Game Lore

From the moment the invaders' ships touched the shores of The Luminous Islands, the Mobley were determined to unravel the mystery of their identity and purpose in Elridia. As they set foot on Mobley soil, their intentions were far from peaceful, swiftly seizing control and resources. Initial attempts at communication quickly escalated into the inaugural skirmishes, marking the inception of a ceaseless conflict that would soon blanket the entire land.

Inexperienced in such battle, the Mobley initially retreated, seeking refuge far from their homes. In this relentless struggle, the invaders wasted no time in commandeering these once-thriving settlements for their own gains. Even the very earth seemed to bend to their will. Animals, plants, and all that their sinister magic brushed against succumbed to their influence, turning against the Mobley who had coexisted with them in peace for countless years. This looming darkness prompted the Mobley to christen their rivals as The Accursed Horde.

Their wizardry appeared to tap into the very life force of the land itself. All that The Accursed Horde laid hands on wilted and expired. Among the Mobley, presumption arose that this might be the driving force behind their invasion. Depleted of their own resources, it seemed The Horde had no recourse but to seek out fresh territories to exploit, inevitably leading them to the doorstep of the Mobley.

The Horde was made up of a variety of creatures that seemed to have no relation to each other. From twisted orcs, fiendish ghouls, and all manner of vile creatures, there was no end to the creatures that made up the invader's forces. There were whispers of three creatures in dark robes that seemed to be in control of the enemy army. The destiny of the Mobley who confronted them remains enshrouded in uncertainty, casting a cloak of mystery over the integrity of these enigmatic figures.

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